5 Examples When Political Hypocrisy Harms America!

Are there, actually, so many ignorant Americans, or, simply, do they, purposely, enjoy ignoring reality, unless/ until, it fits, neatly, into their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, perceived, self – interest? Why do voters, allow, constant, political hypocrisy, when viable solutions/ well – considered actions, are needed? How many times have you witnessed, and/ or, heard, a politician say one thing, and do, something, quite – different? When, these individuals, attempt to take credit, for a popular program/ idea, although, they voted against it, I they trying to fool us, or are we the fools, because, we permit this behavior, rather than demanding, better? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 examples, when these hypocritical behaviors and actions, harm this nation.

1. Pandemic: Remember – back, to the early stages of this horrific pandemic, when President Donald Trump, and many, in his political party, first, denied there was a potential crisis, then, ignored it, and followed, that, by declaring, the process, and health crisis, was a hoax! Although, the past President, was not responsible for the virus, many believe, his behavior, rhetoric, and actions, led to far – worse results! Is it possible, to be, any more, of a hypocrite, than to harm the public health efforts, while, appearing to do, all he could, to down – play the risks, and equate economic challenges, with saving and preserving lives?

2. Sane gun safety: For decades, many gun owners, and manufacturers, have seemed to try to hide behind, what they referred to, as their 2nd Amendment Rights, every time, there was a call, for some sane gun safety measures, to reduce the many deaths, etc, especially, mass shootings, etc! It is interesting, that amendment, used the, Right to Bear Arms, predominantly, to protect, states rights, to form a militia, for protection, against foreign invaders, back in the late – 18th Century. Guns at that time, took, nearly, two minutes, to reload, so how could the Founding Fathers, have predicted, assault weapons, which would fire, multiple rounds, in that period of time. Gun manufacturers, and their organization, the National Rifle Association, have done a superb job, trying to convince us, these gun – rights, were limitless, and making, hunters, believe, someone was trying, to take away, their guns. But, couldn’t we have sane regulations, for the public safety, without harming, anyone’s true rights?

3. Immigration: The only people living in the United States, whose ancestors, were born here, are the Native Americans! Every one, else, is an immigrant! We have always, been a nation, which declared, we welcomed immigrants, yet, certain politicians, especially, recently, have used the issue, to use hatred, and fears, as a political weapon!

4. Addressing systemic racism: How can we call ourselves, a democracy, unless/ until, we honor, all our freedoms, instead of, only, selectively, favoring, those, which serve our purposes? However, we often witness, systemic racism, in police enforcement, Courts/ Justice, employment and educational opportunities, etc, despite, the politicians, denials, and statements, to the contrary!

5. Environmental and Climate issues: Each generation should consider itself, caretakers, of our planet, and strive, to leave it, to the next generation, better, than we found it! Those, we elect to serve and represent us, are, at – best, hypocrites, when/ if, they don’t proactively, address, environmental and climate challenges, and issues!

We must demand better, from those we elect! We can’t permit, this constant hypocrisy!