SentrySafe G0135 – Product Review

If you own rifles or any other kinds of long guns, you may want to have a safe box to store them in. You may want to make sure that they are kept in a safe place, and yet still easily accessible. The SentrySafe G1035 or also often referred to as the Sentry 5-Gun Safe is the perfect gun safe for you.

SentrySafe has been making all kinds of safes and security containers for 80 years and has even won awards for their products. Their products, including the Sentry 5-Gun Safe, are sold at affordable prices and offer you more than what you can get at those prices.

The SentrySafe G0135 5-Gun Safe can accommodate up to five long firearms at the same time. It weighs 70 lbs; its exterior dimensions are 55″H x 12″W X 11″D, while its interior dimensions are 53-1/2″H x 11″W x 9-1/2″D. You do not have to question its safety because it features an eight-lever security key with double-bit key. The door is made of solid steel and it is equipped with two live-locking steel bolts. The height of the box is high enough for five long guns, as mentioned previously, and it has a fixed shelf on top that is convenient for keeping bullets, handguns, or other shooting accessories.

The SentrySafe G0135 allows you to keep your guns safe and easily accessible, and you also do not have to worry that any of your guns might drop to the floor and get scratched or damaged. And more importantly, they will be kept away from your family members. The safe is designed to be bolted easily to the floor with the mounting hardware that is included in the package. You can install it yourself with ease thanks to the instruction manual.

Most of SentrySafe’s customers are satisfied with their products, especially because they give the best value for the money. Some G0135 owners often refer to their safe as a ‘gun storage cabinet’ rather than a ‘gun safe’ for fear of losing the keys. Keys can easily be lost or stolen, and some people prefer to leave the double-bit keys on the door because it would be easier for them to open the safe when they need to, instead of trying to find where the keys are. Even though the G0135 is not equipped with an electronic combination lock, many customers still see it as the most convenient way to keep their guns, better than putting them in their bedroom or in a regular cabinet.