A Jerky Gun – Do You Need One?

A jerky gun is a great easy to use tool that simplifies creating beef jerky. Using one of these tools can save you time and hassle. They eliminate lot of clean up because when you’re done you just simply drop the gun in the water to soak. While beef jerky can be made by hand we want to show you why it will save time. I mean it’s simple enough to roll out your own meat dehydrate it on trays and serve right? This begs the question, do you need a beef jerky gun?

Most people are scared of using tools like this. However, keep in mind how simple using something like this really is. First, you mix up your meat mixture into a large bowl and add herbs, spices and anything else. Most jerky kits come with a ready to use mixture so it makes making the actual jerky much easier. Then you load the mixture into the jerky gun and then pull the trigger and it instantly pumps out the jerky into the desired strip length.

After you’ve made the jerky then you just put it into the food dehydrator to be dehydrated. After the jerky becomes tender and dehydrated you can then pull it from the dehydrator and lay it on a cooling tray, wax paper or baking sheet. Clean up the jerky gun and store away. Now you have fresh home made jerky that you can snack on. At this point you can add pepper or any other type of additional spice to it and go from there. The nice neat strips the jerky will come out in make it easy to serve to guests, family or friends.

In closing I don’t think a jerky gun is a priority but it can be a good addition to your kitchen. Since they are so easy to use my question for you is “why not own one?” You are not just limited to beef either you can make lamb, turkey, pork and any other type of jerky meat you can think of. So, this may be the one thing your kitchen has been missing.