In Review: The Hitachi N5008AC 16 Gauge Stapler For Professional And Domestic Use

There are many applications in which you need fasteners that are quick, convenient, and rapid fire. When you are facing such construction projects as subflooring, pallet manufacturing, roofing, upholstery, wiring, carpet installation, wall sheathing or any number of other projects or work requirements, you may want to consider a staple gun to make your fastening jobs quick, convenient, and dependable. A staple gun delivers hefty, metal staples into a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, or masonry. The benefits of using a staple gun is its use with heavier, more sturdy staples that will hold material better, and the rapid action you get from a continuous ejection of staples at the touch of a trigger. The Hitachi N5008AC 1 inch to 2 inch 7/16 inch medium crown 16 gauge stapler can take your fastening project to a quick and efficient level in no time flat.


This is an automatic stapler driven by pneumatic force, featuring a ¼ inch air inlet that draws air in at 0.040 cubic feet/cycle at 100 psi, making it a powerful tool that is still lightweight and comfortable. Weighing in at just 4.4 lbs, with a soft rubber grip, the comfort and balance of the tool enables you to operate the tool with one hand while still maintaining accuracy and precision. You will be able to use the Hitachi N5008AC for continuous stapling jobs with very little fatigue.

The light and user-friendly Hitachi N5008AC gauge stapler is still durable and tough. Made of heavy duty plastic with stainless steel plating, you will be astounded at the power this unit puts out. You can fit up to 150 staples in the high capacity magazine, which also allows an unobstructed view of how many staples are left, so you are not caught off guard. The top-loading magazine allows you to quickly replenish staples when you are running low. We all know that stapler are never jam-free, but the Hitachi N5008AC is furnished with a quick-clear jam release mechanism to clear the staple guide quickly and easily so you are able to get back to the job at hand. There is also the inclusion of an exhaust muffler to cut down on the noise output.


The Hitachi N5008AC stapler not only allows you to flush mount staples, but you can use the depth of drive adjustment feature to countersink your fasteners as well, and choose the right deepness for your particular project. Also included in its versatility are the firing options you get for triggering the staples. You can toggle between two firing selections, intermittent or continuous. If you require a sustained action to fire the staples along a piece of material, you can fire in an unbroken seam using a bouncing action using the continuous mode. The intermittent mode allows you to fire the staples one by one via use of the trigger.


The Hitachi N5008AC weighs in at a mere 1.4 kilograms and measures 36.5×7.6×25.4 centimeters for easy transport. Included in the package are safety glasses and a 4mm hex bar wrench to adjust the depth of drive.

In short, the Hitachi N5008AC 16 Gauge Stapler is an excellent tool if you are looking for something light in weight, but loaded with features. Be it for your professional needs or home use, this stapler is the solution for you.