How To Win On Halo 3 Guardian Lone Wolves!

Guardian Slayer

Power up and weapon spawn times OvS: 3:00 Camo: 3: 00 Sniper : 3:00 Needler: 2:00 Carbine: 0:35 Shotgun: 3:00 Hammer: 3:00 Assault Rifle: 0:20

Normally in guardian almost everyone spawns somewhat close to either a power weapon shotgun or sniper for example or powerup. Make it your primary goal to locate the one on nearest you on spawn moment you spawn. In the event that you spawn bottom elbow the vast majority of time someone has spawned closer to the over shield than you have and from much experience I’ve found it unwise to proceed toward it since you’ll no doubt encounter the player who did so while he’s invincible.

On guardian the majority of fights occur on either the sniper side of the map or the yellow lift side. Typically not much goes on in bottom green or bottom blue near the man cannon. So the idea is to be on one of those hot spots of the map without engaging every player you see on sight, its better to wait until you see a third or fourth player approaching and by means of taking cover and or running around corners do you best to have the other players start fighting first and the second they do begin to jump in and try to grab a double kill. The best place on the map use this strategy is around S1 or S2.For example say your down in S1 and you see a player above you and are aware that he has a power weapon of some sort do your best to keep him above you until someone else lifts over to S3 and when he turns his attention to deal with said player come up and attack. Your best bet as far as holding a position in order to clean up kills on this map would be to hold down sniper tower effectively by grabbing the carbine that spawns in S2 and look toward yellow and camo spawn for kills to pick off or towards green for players who you may be able to snipe on spawn should you have that weapon. keep in mind that it’s incredibly important to constantly check S1 and elbow for people coming who you’ve already killed from that position and are aware that you are holding there. If you see on radar someone approaching S1 move down the ramp and bank all of your grenades off the wall then rush if you know they’ve been hit by one, however if possible before fully charging try to know if they have a shotgun or hammer first.

Throwing grenades in anticipation of a player being around the corner you throw it or “Pre nading” as it is called is a big part of this map and the game itself since there are so many corners. If you are running from under glass towards s1 make sure to toss one to two grenades as you approach the corner in case of a camper. If someone is there who is hit by one of your nades, he will pose much less of a threat. Generally being anywhere in the middle is a very bad idea except for the occasional quick sprint from one side of the map to the other. If you spawn down close to the man cannon always lift up chances are that you’ll catch someone at S2 weak. As you lift throw both of you grenades whether you know someone is there or not. If you spawn underneath yellow lift and are for sure that someone is above you do not lift up, instead use the blue jump up or go up the blue ramp toward top blue. Never just lift up top yellow because you are much more vulnerable to grenades from players waiting for you. However if you know that two players above are fighting or just about to engage one another go ahead and lift. Also always check for the BR that spawns near the entrance of top yellow.

If you are running up the hallway leading towards blue room make sure to shoot the explosives on the wall and if you are in the blue room itself be sure to shoot the barrels inside. It’s generally a bad idea to run from top blue toward sniper or toward top yellow simply because you become so exposed. It’s far better to jump off the side and lift to sniper if you want to head there or to run through blue and jump in yellow if that’s the room you see people fighting in. Ultimately you’ll do best on guardian if you stay on either yellow side or snipe side of the map and avoid wasting time running around the lower levels.