Movie Review: Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut

Nightbreed is a 1990 American dark fantasy horror film written and directed by Clive Barker. It features: David Cronenberg, Dough Bradley, Anne Bobby, Craig Sheffer, Hugh Quarshie and Charles Haid.

The story follows Aaron Boone (Craig Sheffer) who dreams of Midian, a place of monsters. Boone seeks therapy from Dr. Decker (David Cronenberg), a masked serial killer. Decker develops great interest in Boone’s dreams and tricks Boone to take responsibility for the killings that he has done. Decker also drugs Boone and asks him to turn himself in to the police.

As Boone is about to turn himself in, he is hit by a truck and taken to hospital. In hospital, he is in the same room with a nutty guy who keeps on talking about Midian, the fantasy world in Boone’s dream.

Boone escapes hospital and makes his way to Midian based on Narcisse’s directions. In median he meets Kinsk and Peloquin. Boone claims to be a murderer but Peloquin knows it’s a lie thus he attacks him.

Boone escapes Median only to meet police officers who gun him down. Peloquin’s brings Boone back to life in the morgue and returns to Midian where he is inducted into the society by the leader of the Nightbreed, Dirk Lylesburg.

Lori (Anne Bobby) Boones’ girlfriend investigates Boone’s disappearance and also makes her to Midian. Lori meets friendly monster called Rachel who tells her of the nightbreed. According to Rachel, the nightbreed is a group of creatures that hide themselves underground after being hunted and killed by humans for many years.

Decker also finds his way to Median where he leads an epic battle. Eventually, median is ruined, Decker is killed, and Boone and Lori leave median.

Nightbreed is one of the few movies where the monsters are portrayed to be more human than the actual humans. In the movie, the monsters want to be left in peace and want to live underneath a cemetery and raise their children without bothering anyone.

The underlying message is that sometimes humans are more evil than monsters. This is portrayed by Dr. Decker who in spite of his honorable and respected profession he is a serial killer. He also goes to Median and causes war.

Upon release of the movie, it was received with mixed reactions. The critics argued that it’s impossible for humans to be evil and monsters have souls and be peace loving. On the other hand, the movie lovers gave high ratings to it citing great Gothic sets, awesome makeup and nightmarish plot line.

All in all nightbreed s a great movie and if you are into horror movies, this one will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat.