Praying and Believing

Philemon is a wonderful letter and Paul’s passion shines through. I learned a lot from him and the other characters in this letter. This last one looks at prayer.

Paul believes that his prayers and those of Philemon will come true: 22And by the way, get a room ready for me. Because of your prayers, I fully expect to be your guest again.

Paul is still in jail, but is already telling Philemon to make up the bed, because he is on his way.

That’s how we must pray. Praying while believing strongly. Like Herbert also prayed:
This morning, I can testify with so much gratitude that God does answer prayers, even though we might be asking for outrageous things.

My daughter was robbed by a grab-and-run thief in a shopping mall and her handbag containing her car keys, cell phone, bank and credit cards, driver’s licence, and more, was stolen. She was shocked, but not hurt in any way.

I could feel the anger welling up inside about the injustice of what had happened to my darling only child. First, I wanted to curse the evil thief, but the Holy Spirit stopped me, saying it was not the right thing to do.

So, I started praying and thanked God that Patricia wasn’t hurt, but then also asked the Father for the following:

“Lord, You are always in control of everything. Thank you that Patricia wasn’t hurt, but, Father, I pray that You will return her possessions to her in a SUPERNATURAL way.”

I thanked God and ended my prayer. I must confess that I never thought that God would put such supernatural things in place.

About two hours later a man called my wife and said that he had found Patricia’s purse among clothes that he was arranging in another shopping mall about 20km from where the robbery had taken place.

Patricia found all her cards in her purse, just in different places. Her licence was still in there too, also in another spot. Then she opened a pocket in the purse that closes with a zip, and found her car keys and the sim card of her cell phone in there.

Once again God showed how He can answer when we ask. Not only was Patricia unhurt in the incident, but she didn’t have to go through the inconvenience of replacing cards, licence, and lost contacts, and having to change the locks on her car.

I smiled as I read the last paragraph:
Maybe the robber didn’t even realise why he or she did those things and replaced everything, but when God speaks, everybody listens – every knee shall bow and every tongue confess…

We must pray believing that God listens. We must believe that God will hear our prayers and make them come true.

Philemon 1:22-23

Do you believe in prayer?
Do you believe when you pray?
Do you expect something?

O God, I do believe in prayer, otherwise I wouldn’t have been praying now. We won’t ever make it without prayer. As I pray, please help me to believe that You hear and will do something. In Jesus se Naam, amen.