Take Your Game to the Next-Level!

If you’ve been at your sport for a while, you have probably hit a plateau. It happens to us all, especially when we are close to hitting the best that we can be at it. You’ve been playing in the high 80’s to low 90’s golf. Your bench press is just over 400 pounds. You’ve consistently been in the finals in tennis. You’ve been racking up great scores in bow and rifle practice. But, you want more. You want better. Right?

Let me share with a story that is well-documented of the U.S. Rifle Team at the Olympics in the ’70’s where Milton Erickson, a well-known hypnotist, was asked to help the team defeat the Russians. Here’s how the story is related after Erickson agrees to help:

“I explained to him, “I’ve shot a rifle twice, when I was a teenager. I know the muzzle end and the stock end-that’s all I know about a rifle. Now, these riflemen know all they need to know about a gun. I’m a medical man. I know what I need to know about a body. I’ll train your team. They already have the rifle knowledge and I have the medical knowledge.”

The commandant was so infuriated that a civilian was going to train the rifle team that he added two men who had been trying for two years to make the rifle team. I don’t know what the qualifications were for the rifle team, but it was a score in the sixties. Those two men had been devoting all their spare time to training and scored in the low forties. In other words, they couldn’t make the team.”

“One of the first things I told the man, after I found that in the contest you shoot forty rounds in succession, was, “I know the first bulls-eye is easy. The question is ‘Can you do it twice?… Can you do it eleven times, after ten successive bulls-eyes?… You’ve done it nineteen times. Will you make it the twentieth time?… The tension is growing-with each successful shot! ” ‘You’ve made it twenty-nine times. Can you make it thirty times?… You’ve made it thirty-five times. Thirty-six? Thirty-seven? Thirty-eight? (breathlessly) Thirty-nine? Can I possibly make it forty times?'”

By the use of hypnosis, the men on the rifle team, including the two that were added that were such poor shots, placed in the competition and the U.S. won over the Russians… for the first time!

What level would you like to take your game to? Would you like to accelerate your sporting skills? Hypnosis could be the answer for you. It was for the U.S. Olympic Rifle Team!