Grooved Golf Swing Series: How To Be A Better Putter – Some Tips

First a look at the alignment of the putter blade as you place it

behind the ball.

If you have your putter shaft laid back from the vertical the blade

will be laid back too.

This creates more roll on the ball.

However, there is a danger of topping the ball when putting in this


This results in inconsistency of distance.

So, unless you really like to put like this, this is not such a

good idea.

Worse still is having the shaft forward of vertical.

Obviously, this creates a slightly downward hit on the ball and drives it into

the ground a bit.

This causes the ball to skip erratically and so roll badly.

The answer therefore for most of us is a vertical blade when


This allows for consistent, solid striking of the ball resulting in

a true roll.

Now how about the set up when putting.

It does not really matter how you stand.

Whether it be with your side towards the hole

or using a more open stance, or even facing

the hole.

The open stance suits me better than any other.

I think it is more natural.

It is the stance used in lawn bowls, cricket or

even sending a ball towards a target using an under arm throw.

The degree of open stance will be an individual thing and will be up to

you to find what is best for you.

However, there are two things that you must incorporate into your


You must have good balance.

You must feel totally comfortable.

You must position your head over the ball.

By this I mean, over the line from the ball to the hole.

This line can be extrapolated behind the ball

so allowing you to have your eye over the correct

line to the hole, but behind the ball.

You might like this because it is a bit like looking along the

sights on a rifle.

You can see the line better if you are lined up

with your eyes a bit behind the ball.

Where ever you place your head, it is essential that it remains

totally still during the put.

All that is left is to determine where to put your weight when you


If you are a right hander, I suggest you put more weight on your

left foot, and try putting your weight on your heel.

With putting there are no rights and wrongs.

So here are some ideas.

Take them and use them to work out what

works best for you.