The Appeal of Spiked Dog Collars as a Human Fashion

And the amazing thing is that these types of dog collars with spikes sticking out of them probably appeal more to humans as some sort of fashion statement then dog owners. Let’s face it, there are probably more people wearing spiked dog collars then dogs. This trend of people wearing spiked dog collars began during the rise of the punk music movement when young punks began wearing them to shock establishment. Wearing a dog collar fit right in with the image that punk rockers and their fans were trying to project. What began as a punk rocker bad boy image symbol has become more main stream these days with many people, particularly teenagers, wearing them as a fashion accessory.

This of course doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a spiked dog collar for your dog if that’s the image you are trying to project, but aside from guard dogs or junkyard dogs the appeal of a spiked dog collar on a dog just really isn’t there. If you have teenaged kids on the other hand they may be more than willing to wear a dog accessory most people wouldn’t put on their dog.

Spiked dog collars aren’t the only dog fashions that have found favor among their human masters. Dog tags, worn on a long chain around the neck, became a part of the human fashion world back in the 1990’s. They caught on quicker then the spiked dog collar because they weren’t nearly as obtrusive being worn under clothing. Dog tags were looked on more as jewelry then clothing and aren’t nearly as offensive as a spiked dog collar by the more mainstream of society. Now days with all the metal accouterments found on fashions and piercings those sporting a spiked dog collar or metal dog tags aren’t much noticed anymore. These types of fashions aren’t even considered a “bad boy” accessory anymore with many teens sporting such fashions with hardly a second thought. There are even spiked collars with a more godly feel to them, sporting little metal crosses hanging from them.

The spiked dog collar, once considered a punk rocker or “bad boy” fashion accessory, is no longer seen in that same context. Like most fashions that were shocking when first seen its image has changed as it has become more popular to the point that it is widely accepted by even those who are rather conservative. One thing is for sure, the spiked dog collar is a dog collar that easily crossed over into the realm of human fashion.