Fiverr – How To Make An Income With Only $5 Gigs

Fiverr or is rocking the world. This web business has become extremely popular since it was launched a few years back. In fact, it has been featured on The Wall Street Journal, NBC, Yahoo Finance, CNN Money, Fox News, Smart Money, and many other places. With every new day, more and more people are signing up and joining the Fiverr gig community.

But what exactly is Fiverr? It is an online marketplace where providers can post services offered for just $5. In other words, buyers can buy gigs that are displayed there and they have to pay just $5 for the service purchased.

The seller gets $4, and the balance is taken by the website as its commission or earning. The provider can withdraw money for services offered to the PayPal account. The services can be posted under several categories such as writing, social marketing, graphics, music & audio, business, technology, programming, and more.

What Makes Fiverr So Special?

The fact is, there is no dearth of marketplaces on the Internet. Most of them work the other way round. In other words, employers would post jobs, and as a service provider, you have to place your bid. You will hardly have any control over what you can offer as you are restricted to what the employer wants. Fiverr is different. Here, you can post the services you can offer, and the employers too can let you know what they are looking for.

The main difference is in the pricing. All services sold at Fiverr are at $5.

So, it can be said that this is a micro gig marketplace. For small jobs, this is just perfect, because at other job boards or marketplaces, the cost is simply too high to justify sales of $5.

So How Can You Make Money At Fiverr?

The website offers a great opportunity to make quick money. First, the membership is free. Just sign-up, give your details, and you can be a member in minutes.

You can start posting the services you offer as soon as you become a member. Just write down what you want to do for $5, select the category where you want your online job advertisement to be displayed, write a description for the service offered, mention the number of days within which you can do it, add an image, write down the tags, and you are done. Your advertisement will be on Fiverr in minutes.

You will begin to see traffic coming in as people view your gig, and if what you are offering interests them, then you will have sales too. You will see the revenue when you deliver the order.

It is essential that you promote your gig because it can lose visibility as more advertisements are posted in the category at Fiverr. With low visibility, your gig will have almost no traffic, and this means, no sales. You can promote your gig through Twitter, by posting the link at Face book, and asking your friends to visit and order, or you can also send your friends an email. Just be imaginative, do some promotions, and orders can soon flow in.