How To Get The P Diddy Look With Style, Earrings, and Confidence

Rappers have been setting style trends for men for as long as rap has been around. Everyone wants this look, but not everyone knows how to really pull it off and use their clothing and hip hop jewelry to make a big statement. Here are some tips on drawing inspiration from the rapper and fashion icon, P. Diddy.

P. Diddy’s Style

Sean Combs, known throughout the years as Puff Daddy, Diddy, and P. Diddy, has been a style icon for rappers and all men since he first hit the scene with his debut single (which rocketed to the top of the charts, and stayed on the top 100 for 28 weeks), “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down.” His style may have changed since then, both in music and in fashion, but certain classics have lasted, making a big impression on the world. One of his most iconic looks is his diamond jewelry, and his diamond earrings in particular. Whether it is one earring or two, just earrings or a diamond necklace and other accessories as well, jeans or a nice suit, he is almost always seen showing off what he has earned with some hip hop jewelry.

Get The Look

Even if you’re not a rapper, or at least not a famous rapper, you can still get that P. Diddy look. One of the best things about P. Diddy as a style icon is how versatile he is. He has been seen in such a broad range of clothing and jewelry, seeming to choose simply based upon what he feels like at the moment. The one lasting constant, however, which can be seen in all of his looks, is good taste. His outfits are almost always accented with good jewelry, whether dressed up or down. So choose whatever clothing suits your moods, which can be anything from sweats to a suit. Just be sure to accent each outfit with the right accessories.

Choose Quality

To help us all out, P. Diddy released a list of fashion tips for men everywhere. One of the most important of these was that accomplishment is attractive. We can’t all be as successful as P. Diddy, but by purchasing good jewelry we can show that we have worked hard. This really works out because no matter what type of hip hop jewelry fits your unique style, you should remember that the key to any hot style is good quality. Tastes and trends may vary, but well-crafted jewelry is always in good taste. To get that confident P. Diddy vibe, be sure to only purchase your bling from a quality retailer that can offer products that will last your lifetime and look good with anything you choose to wear.