Apple’s Logic Pro: Great For Electronic Music Production

Logic Pro and Logic Studio are very powerful DAW’s that are sold and developed by Apple. As of right now, they are created exclusively for the Mac OSX operating system and aren’t currently available for Windows-based PCs. Apple’s Logic Pro has received a lot of recent attention and market power in the electronic music arena due to the sheer power of the multiple tools available within the audio production suite.

One of the most useful tools that makes Logic so great for producing electronic music is the built-in MIDI sequencer. The MIDI sequencer within the program lets you control virtually every aspect of the MIDI notes within your songs. Along with the MIDI programming capabilities, the MIDI editor in Logic Pro is completely streamlined with the GUI interface, letting you easily edit your MIDI notes graphically as opposed to programming them manually. The MIDI sequencer is also perfectly streamlined with the Score Editor in Logic Pro, enabling you to create MIDI performances directly through the use of standard music notation.

Logic Pro’s built-in mixing console is one of the most elegantly designed and easy to use digital mixing consoles available in the music production marketplace. It’s also packed full of great options and features. It offers up to 255 discrete audio channels, which is a fairly large amount, definitely large enough for any electronic music project and offers up to 32 mix groups for things like reverbs, delays and compression tools. Not only is the digital mixer packed full of features, but it looks amazing as well. Apple has made a really great habit out of making everything it produces extremely user friendly as well as beautiful to look at. Music production is an art form, and Logic Pro reinforces the creativity involved in making electronic music by giving its users the power of nearly limitless creative potential.

One of the best things about using Logic for electronic music production is how easy and fast it is to use. Due to the fact that everything you could possibly need for music production is streamlined within the program, Logic enables you to have a completely flawless recording workflow. Creating music on the fly is totally possible and easier than ever within Logic Pro. It feels like no other production program on the market gives you the flexibility and the amount of options that Logic makes available to producers and musicians.

Although the learning curve for Logic is slightly longer than other music production programs, once you get the hang of it, Logic is one of the best DAW’s for electronic music production, up there with other popular programs like Ableton Live and Pro Tools. In the future, expect to see more electronic musicians and artists make the switch to Logic Pro for their songwriting and music production.