Features of a Good B2B Trade Marketplace

With the arrival of the Internet, the old models of conducting business have changed. In fact, business itself has undergone a great sea change. We are no longer restricted by geographic limitations in buying or selling products or services. Interestingly, the Internet has opened up new vistas of trading and has successfully converted the world into a marketplace that you can visit from the comfort of your home or office. B2B trade marketplaces have played a significant role in this phenomenon.

B2B refers to business to business marketing. Essentially, a B2B trade marketplace is a website that acts like a marketplace where importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, traders, distributors and any other business fraternity can get together for the purpose of conducting a business activity. A B2B trade marketplace has made it astonishingly easy and affordable for sellers to reach buyers anywhere on the planet. That’s because a B2B trade marketplace is an access point on the web which acts as a base for employees, suppliers, customers, manufacturers and other companies to access information and a variety of services related to business. Such a marketplace has software designed to conduct business electronically, manage several aspects of the business while providing each member with all the tools they need to do business.

These days, the web is chockfull of B2B trade portals that promise the best of everything. However, if you do not want to end up making huge losses, it is recommended that you take these promises with a pinch, no a spoonful, of salt. A successful B2B trade marketplace has a number of distinct features. To evaluate the quality of the marketplace, it is important to test the portal for these features.

A good B2B trade marketplace has to integrate rich resources with a reliable taskforce that has all the technical know-how to enable members to conduct business, properly and without error. To facilitate this, there must be a host of business friendly tools like lead posting, catalog posting, lead search, business and product search, inquiry, picture loading facility and virtual transaction management.

The portal should give their customers all the required tools to showcase their products and services effectively. Customers should be able to browse through trade leads, tender offers, put in their biddings for partnerships and franchises, view company profiles, put up buy and sell offers, view and put up products and services. Members must also be allowed to enjoy multiple markets, thus giving them the highest chances of maximum profit. All these facilities must be neatly packaged in a single convenient location. In fact, ease of use is the single most important feature of a good B2B trade marketplace. Security would be a close second.

B2B trade marketplaces that are successful are generally run by experienced business professionals who understand what businesses require and have the expertise to provide intuitive software solutions. With such a wide range of business services available to you, you should be able to expand your business or implement your new projects easily and seamlessly. Your business portal should make every attempt to evolve with your changing needs, providing you with new features as times change.