6 Areas Where Those Citing Their Personal Freedom, Harm Others!

Although, the United States of America, was founded, based on certain democratic principles, stated, and/ or, implied, in the Constitution, reality, and the greater good, demands, every right and freedom, must come with, certain, individual responsibilities/ obligations, and necessary, common sense, limitations! Few would argue, against, the concept, it is prohibited, to cry, Fire, in a movie theater, because of the chaos, and potential safety hazards, doing so, harms others! There have been times, when this nation, needed to impose certain restrictions on so – called freedoms and rights, to protect, society, public health, and/ or safety! We have license requirements for driving a car, and registration demands, for registering an automobile, but, very few of these restrictions on gun ownership! Wrapping oneself, in the 2nd Amendment, and proclaiming, it is an absolute right, granted, to own and carry a gun, potentially, creates a dangerous situation, for others! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review and discuss, 6 areas of our lives, when there must be a greater degree of alignment, between one’s personal freedoms, and the greater good.

1. U.S. economy: Store – owners, and others, who proclaim, their rights are being disturbed, by, some sort of restrictions, such as the masking – requirements, many states imposed, during this pandemic, and tending to equate economic concerns, with public health needs! Unless/ until, this nation begins to equally, protect all citizens, instead of merely, certain elite ones, it won’t be fair, to all!

2. World economy: Throughout the world, economies have been adversely impacted, by this pandemic. We live in a global economy, and events, which effect one nation, have an effect, on others! We must begin, greater cooperation, especially, related to public health, safety, and human rights protections!

3. Travel: business and personal: Certainly, the travel – related industries, have been, some of the greatest victims, of the pandemic – created, economic conditions, etc. Most, would, look – forward to, being able to travel, again, as we, once did, both, regarding business, and personal/ leisure activities! The combination of fears, public health measures, etc, have created, somewhat of, a travel – nightmare!

4. Restore life, as we know/ knew it: Many are tired, and frustrated, by this extended period of restrictions, created, because of public health concerns! However, this does not give them, the right, to put the health and well – being, of others, at – risk! Isn’t it strange, there seems to be, such a partisan – divide, regarding the logic, and need, for quality vaccines, which are presently available?

5. Winning the battle against the pandemic: If, more people, were vaccinated, the battle against the pandemic, would be quicker, more thorough, and better! Only, when the greater good, becomes the essential factor, will we win this battle!

6. How many more must die: Whether, related to this horrific pandemic, or sane gun safety rules/ needs, we must ask, How many more must die? There is a significant difference, between the right to bear arms, and, indiscriminate gun usage! We register cars, so why not, guns? Shouldn’t this concept, also, prevail, regarding public health, and/ or, safety – related issues?

If, we wish to be, the land of the free, we must protect all Constitutional guarantees, and not, merely, selective ones! The right to life (meaning, safety, and reasonable expectations), must be a top priority/ consideration!