LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint Safe – Is It Secure?

The LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint Safe is an amazing top-of-the-line gun safe. As the name suggests, it uses biometric fingerprint recognition technology for access meaning there are no keys to fumble around with or complicated access codes to remember. It’s designed for quick access and is very easy to program; all you have to do is press the activation button and place your finger on the reader, which will then record it and allow only you inside. You can also record up to 10 different fingerprints to allow other people access, if you wish. This is one of the highest rated gun safes on Amazon.com, averaging a 4.6 out of 5 rating overall. It is one of the only safes that contains no negative customer reviews.

LockSAF Biometric Fingerprint Safe Overview:

-Dimensions – 14 x 10.2 x 4.6?
-Weight – 22lbs
-9 gauge / 3mm steel
-4 pre-drilled mounting holes
-Permanent memory stores up to 10 fingerprints
-Interior – coated in foam padding
-Power – Uses one 9V battery

LockSAF Safety – How Secure Is It?

As mentioned, it is reinforced with 9 gauge steel and has pre-drilled mounting holes. It can be mounted nearly anywhere that has a flat surface and it would be nearly impossible for an intruder to get it open. However, it’s designed that the person who’s fingerprint has been programmed to be given access can quickly and easily retrieve what’s inside… say, a concealed firearm. It takes about 2 seconds from pressing your finger to the fingerpad to the safe opening, which is quite fast.

The locking mechanism of the LockSAF is almost completely pick-proof and drill-proof, meaning it’s going to take someone a great deal of effort to get inside this thing. A reviewer from “American Handgunner” magazine noted that they’d opened and closed the safe several hundred times and it has been completely reliable.

The LockSAF Biometric safe is simply one of the best gun safes on the market. If you want a top-of-the-line safe that affords peace of mind and security, you can’t go wrong with this one.

What we liked about the LockSaf Biometric Gun Safe:

-Very easy to use and access even in the dark
-Highly secure, easily mountable to any flat surface
-Customer service from LockSAF is some of the best in the industry

What we didn’t like so much:

-We honestly had no complaints!