What Does the Choice of Your Clothing Outfit and Fashion Accessories Say About You?

What does the choice of the clothe you wear, and your fashion accessory say about you?

Wearing clothe is a given, but we often do not stop to think about what kind of message we send to others through the choice of clothes we wear and our fashion accessories. Our clothing outfits and fashion accessories are some of the non-verbal ways we communicate to others about ourselves; who we are, our self-worth and our level of self-confidence. Often, when choosing the clothes to wear, we simple think of how we look in such clothing outfit, with hope of making impression on others. We often do not consider the appropriateness of the outfit for the event or occasion we are attending.

Different occasion or events call for different types of clothing, also the style of the clothes. When we fail to wear appropriate clothing outfit or appropriate clothing style we end up embarrassing ourselves, diminish our self-worth which in turn lowers our self-confidence.

Often people wear what they think looks good on them without considering the appropriateness of the clothing or its style for the occasion or event. A case of inappropriate choice of outfit that spark outage and condemnation on social media was the small above the knee black dress Ariana Grande wore to Aretha Franklin’s funeral. Small short black dress in itself is not bad, but the event to which it is worn to, is the reason for the outrage. Does a short black dress befit a funeral ceremony? There is a consensus in social media that, a short above the knee dress is inappropriate for a funeral ceremony. Though many of commentators in social media made it seem as if it is only in black Churches that short dresses are considered inappropriate. The question is; are short dresses appropriate for any place of worship be it a black Church or otherwise? It is important to realize that we speak volumes simply by what we wear. Places of worship, more so a funeral ceremony calls for decency, modesty and decorum. Failure to wear what is generally considered modest and descent is seen as being disrespectful. It is not only short dresses that are considered inappropriate and immodest in places of worship, but dresses that are too tight as to reveal the contour of the wearer. Sleeveless or string sleeve dresses are also considered inappropriate for religious gatherings.

If short dresses are inappropriate for religious gatherings and celebrations, what kind of dresses or clothes should people wear to such gathering? Clothes that befit religious gatherings are none revealing long dresses, they can be full length or just below the knee. Often many conservative women like to wear suits to the Church, it can be two-piece dress suit or three-piece skirt suit. It can be either full length or three-quarter length long.

The next question is, if short dresses are inappropriate for religious ceremonies, what kind of event or occasion can anyone wear short dress to? Short dresses can be worn to cocktail parties or any none religious social gatherings. They can be worn as evening dresses or even simple casual wears. Every type of clothing and accessory have their appropriate place. Simple, give a little thought to your choice of outfits. When choosing clothing outfits for any event, ask yourself how appropriate the clothe and its style is before stepping out of your front door. Be sure it is not a clothing outfit or style for which people will raise eyebrow or frown at. Take care to consider the occasion or event and make wise choices for your clothes and its style.