Music Download Info

Music downloads are the “in” thing in today’s time. You either download music to your computer or you download music to your phone or you just swap with your friends. There are tons of different websites that you can download from. There are sites that charge fees and some do not. You might want to check into a lot of different sites to see who offers the best deals.

There are different stores that offer 100% legal downloads like Napster and I tunes. You can run into some songs that cannot be downloaded. Some artists own the rights to the songs and so not want their records sales to suffer by people downloading their songs on their computers. There are over 500 online places that are in over 40 different countries that represent a percentage of the music market today alone. That is huge! Most of the time you can listen on different websites to a 30 second track that plays and just gives a sample of the song you want to download.

Song downloading is one of the largest money makers out there. It has been said that it generates over 2 billion in sales each year. So far an estimated 5 billion songs have been downloaded. Sometimes the artist will offer downloads of their songs from their websites. You can also purchase their albums when downloading some of their songs from their websites. Usually when they offer downloading from their sites it usually a lower quality song than the original one you may hear on the radio. The price for downloading songs can range from just a couple of cent to over .99. Most places that you will see offer monthly packages. Napster offers unlimited downloading for 14.99 a month. There are some songs that require you to purchase them for .99. They are displayed when looking up the artist on Napster and only give you a thirty second preview.

You can also download songs in MP3 form. There are tons of different sites that offer downloading MP3s to your cell phones which is mostly what cell phones will play now days. They usually run about the same as regular songs to be downloaded. If you want to choose the perfect site to download from, you may to try visiting They can help you pick the best site and the best place to download your music by your preferences.

In conclusion there are tons and tons of places on the Internet to look into before settling with just one company. You will want to check and see if they are legitimate and you will not be caught for downloading illegal music. Downloading music is one of the biggest things to do now days. It has become of the best money making schemes out there. Just make sure you download legally and you have picked the best site for the best price.