Household Level Marketing

Household level marketing is a method to narrow your focus to a specific household address that has been determine to offer you the best opportunity to attract a new patient to your brand of chiropractic.

The first step in this process is determining whom your best patients are for your brand of chiropractic. You could have two Chiropreneurs run the same analysis and end up with a different profile… all due to the patients you have served.

In America, all households can be coded for 66 segments. In other words, every household in your marketplace can be assigned a household demographic code. Once you have your patient records coded at the household level, and they have been assigned their specific lifestyle code, you can then reach all the desired segments in your marketplace that has the same code.

Once you have determine your best patient segment, you can then target your marketing only to those household level code that match this desired segment code. If you find that the majority of your patients, current and inactive, are defined with 2-3 of the possible segments out of 66, you can then secure a specific mail list of just the households in your marketplace that match your desired household segment.

Your mail list could go to 100 Main Street, 107, 113, 118, 119…. skipping any households that do not match your desired and targeted segment.

This provides you with the ability to drill down your marketing efforts and reduce your marketing budget because you are only mailing to your desired target, not every household on the block, in the city, etc.

If you are a startup or want to change the type of patients you wish to attract, then you can select one or more of the 66 lifestyle segments and then secure a mailing list of just those household that fit your desired patient.

You can also use this segmentation technology to determine the best location for an office or relocation.

In summary, using this technology called Prizm® you should:

1. Submit an address list of all your patient records, active and inactive for household level coding.

2. Identify the segment(s) that provide you with the best patient.

3. Secure a list of the households in your marketplace that matches your best segment(s), not currently under care.

4. Target your marketing communications to these specific households. Repeat. Repeat…

There are a number of vendors who can provide this type of technology using your current list as your baseline. This technique is used by the world’s most successful marketers and you can tap into it for your practice too. Peak your practice with geo-demographic coding.