DhobiGhat Movie Review

The buzz of the most anticipated film of the year is in the air, Yes, I am talking about Amir Khan Starrer “DhobiGhat”, bollywood pundits already have rated it a blockbuster, as year 2011 started with couple of flops in the likes of Tees Mar Khan and Yamla Pagla Dewana, Dhobighat might break this chain and do wonders for film distributors around the globe.

As expectations are high since Amir`s last flick 3 Idiot which did a record business in 2009 turned to be gold mine for the producer. The storyline and script of bollywood flicks are reshaping since Slumdog Millionaire so is the case with dhobighat, film is not a typical bollywood script, its a story about four people, their life and their interaction and a common platform which they share and adore throughout their life, Yes the fifth silent character in the film is Mumbai. Arun is played by Amir a lonely painter living in the outskirt of Mumbai, Yasmin the newly married muslim women is played by Kirti, the character Shahi is acted by monica whose role in the film is modern mortgage baker.

The fourth character in this multi starrer flick is played by Pratiek acted as dhobi in the suburb of Mumbai named as Munna, Pratiek Babbar son of late Indian film actress Smita Patel was last time scene in the romantic flick of 2008 Janna Tu Ya Jaana Naa, The film Dhobighat is about the city of Mumbai, how people of different genre share same platform to communicate, the film elaborates class issues still present in Indian society through relationship of these four main character.

The Director Kiran Rao did a extensive research for the script and it took a while for her husband Amir Khan to give a green signal for the main lead but it according to critics it was Prateik who turned the table unexpectedly, the new lad performed flawless in the role of dhobi who wants to be a film actor but struggling to get his first step in the pursuit of success.

The film music is already on the top of the charts. The film background score produced by Oscar awarded Gustavo Santaolalla is a food for all those music digger who looks for perfection depicted Hollywood flicks. The film is about to release on 21st Jan but it has been premiered already in Cannes and Toronto Film Festival and received enormous applause for the script and eye catching cinematography. Film pundits had already declared it a hit, So go for it, as presence of Amir Khan will definitely pay back each penny of yours.