Sentry Gun Safe G4311 – A Review

The Sentry G4311 gun safe is a thick, heavy and secure 14-gun safe that can, however, hold at most only 8 guns. It has three dead bolts and five active-locking bolts on the top, bottom and leading edges, and near the hinges as well. All the bolts in the safe are one inch in diameter, and feel sturdy and robust. A hole on the left side of the safe provides for an optional dehumidifier, and inside is a shelf that is fully adjustable. The safe also comes with a removable false-bottom, under which more valuables can be kept.

The interiors of the safe are completely lined with fabric so as to prevent scratches on guns kept inside the safe. For shotguns, the racking system is adjustable. The lock is very secure as it comes with an impressive five-digit electronic lock, with a manual key override option. The safe is quite easy to open, and the guns inside can be taken out quickly. The steel walls of the safe are adequately thick, but not fireproof. The safe is quite heavy, and cannot be moved easily. To make it even more immobile, lead plates or other heavy metal objects can be placed inside the false-bottom.

The shelf is not very convenient, as ammo placed on it could fall off the back, on to the rifles below. Digging out loose ammunition from between the rifles could be quite a difficult task.

Compared to trigger-locks or gun-locks, gun safes provide much more safety. The Sentry G4311 safe is a compact, sturdy and safe container for firearms. Owing to its weight, it cannot be lifted or stolen easily. Though not very cheap, the safe is well worth it’s price.