How To Carve Your Lucrative Niche Market In The Middle of a Pandemic

Is it possible to find a lucrative niche in the marketplace in the middle of one of the biggest pandemics in world history?

Can it be done when people are holding onto their money like a life raft in the middle of the Atlantic ocean? When food bank lines go back miles in every town and city? When millions of people are out of work, not knowing when or if they’ll ever go back.?

My answer is yes. Yes, you can find a lucrative niche in the marketplace. In fact, this is one of the best times to find a lucrative marketplace. Why? Because so many people are in need of solutions to problems. When you have that scenario, money opportunities abound. If you take certain actions, which I’ll reveal to you.

The Advantage of Knowing This in an Economic Downturn

For example did you know more millionaires were created during the Great Depression than any other time in history. The same could be said from each recession, and economic downturn since then. So, stop and let that sink in for a few seconds before continuing. A wealth transfer has already started.

The one’s who ride it will follow the tips in this article in one way or another, those who won’t could be the ones who end up in food lines, with overdue bills or left wondering if they can find work. Which will you be?

Here’s why. Economic downturns are the best times to buy low, take advantage of bargains and help people who are too scared or cautious to take risks. Plus, there’s a ton of people desperate to unload whatever they have for deep discounts or even free.

Those who are prepared with either cash, sales skills, negotiation savvy or financial knowledge can benefit enormously in economic downturns.

How To Find Your Lucrative Niche In Economic Downturn

The best way to find your niche is to first inventory your skills, experience and passions. This is often an area many people don’t examine as thoroughly as they should.

When counseling people who fall into this category, the default response is “I don’t have any skills, experience or passion that important”. My answer is always WRONG! Everyone does if your over the age of 12.

After filling out my questionnaire, most people are shocked at how much they know, how much experience they have at doing specific things and most people discover a hidden passion they never realized they had.

List Your Skills, Experience and Passions

It’s extremely important to know your skills, experience and passion as step 1 before searching for a lucrative niche. Because they determine what type of niche market you’re looking for and will tip the scales in your favor.

The first rule when doing this is not to discount any of your experiences, skills or passion. List everything and I mean everything you like to do, can do better than most people as well as any skills you may have.

For example I’ve encouraged people to list watching television, online surfing, listening to the radio, driving, shopping, cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast, etc.

You must admit, all the previous items mentioned are pretty mundane or average at best. But people get paid all over the world for doing those simple things.

But just using those examples, you could carve incredibly lucrative niche businesses, services or even products. And hundreds, thousands or maybe even millions of people would beg you to buy.

Think Product Or Service Others Don’t Provide To Solve Problems

This is the light-bulb moment when it comes to finding a niche in economic downturns. Match what you love to do, your skill or experience with problems you see people experiencing. Then create, find or improve a product or service to help them solve their problem. Or be a go between to match people with a specific problem to others who can provide a solution. For more specific plans o how to do this click the link in th resource box below

In economic downturns there are problems everywhere, start looking at them as opportunities where you can make money as well as solve someones problem. This is how businesses are started in economic downturns and in some cases millionaires are made. Try it.