Why Our Cherished Rights/ Freedoms Need Limits?: 5 Areas

Most Americans, seem proud of being so, for a variety of reasons, but, perhaps, most importantly, because of the freedoms and liberties, guaranteed by our Constitution, and Bill of Rights, which differentiates us, from much, of the rest of the world. However, simply because something, may be a right, does not mean, it gives us unlimited permission, to use it, as an excuse for antisocial, or similar behaviors, which might, endanger the greater good! The reality is, our cherished rights/ freedoms, come, with the necessity for applying common sense, and ensuring, our enjoying these, does not interfere with others’ safety, and/ or freedoms. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 areas, where this is essential, to keep – in – mind.

1. Gun Safety: Personally, I am sick – and – tired, of people, demanding their so – called, 2nd Amendment Rights, which they often, declare, protects their sacred guns. and gun ownership rights. None, other than the late, Supreme Court Justice Scalia, who was a renowned conservative, stated, Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose. For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues. When our Founding Fathers, created this Amendment, they did so, because they wanted to give States, the right to maintain a militia. They could not have imagined, the types of weapons, available today, when the weapons of their days, shot one bullet, and then required, an extensive, lengthy process, to refill (estimated to be at least 90 seconds, or so). Even, in the so – called, Wild West, of the 19th Century, many Marshals required checking one’s weapons, before entering the town, or certain facilities. Why would anyone need an assault weapon, for recreation?

2. Religion: While we are granted, Freedom of Religion, it specifically implies, there is no state religion, and, in fact, several of our Founding Fathers, were agnostic, and/ or, atheists. While everyone should be allowed to follow their religion, and religious beliefs, it must not be, at the expense of others! Those, proclaiming, currently, government limitations, for public health reasons, interfere with this, are perhaps, failing to consider the common good!

3. Freedom of the Press: This nation needs a Free Press, and it must have the right to protect its sources, in most cases! However, there must be a requirement, for quality reporting, which checks its sources, for accuracy, and does not make false accusations, which might harm others, etc.

4. Assembly/ Protest: The Right to Assemble, and demand remedies from the government is, and should be, protected. However, these must be peaceful, and safe, and not interfere, with public safety, which also includes, health and well – being!

5. Speech: We must protect Freedom of Speech, but, that does not mean, there can be no limitations, to its application. For example, speech intended to incite violence, slur others, or put safety in jeopardy, is not a right! We cannot go to a movie, and scream, Fire, considering that, free speech.

Isn’t it about time, common sense, and greater good, were considered, essential and necessary, for the health, well – being, and overall, welfare of all our citizens (the common good)? If we don’t begin to do so, the present – day, polarization, will get even worse!