Condo Rentals – 3 Advantages Over Hotels

Whether you’re headed for the fine sands of the beach or the fun-filled magic of a week at the amusement park, family vacations are a time-honored way to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and remember that you have to save time for fun every now and then. Of course, vacations aren’t just about what you choose to do on your week away from work, but where you choose to stay. Great accommodations can make a big difference in how much fun you have. If you are stuck in the hotel rut, here are three reasons that you may want to look into condo rentals for your next family trip:

– More Space

If you’re used to vacationing in hotels, you are probably familiar with the cramped spaces they provide. For a person travelling alone or with only one other person, the average hotel room isn’t that bad. You have a bed, a desk, and a shower. What more do you really need? For a family, however, that hotel room is like packing everyone into one bedroom for a week. Even a couple of days in those kind of cramped quarters can be difficult to stand. Condo rentals open up the space and give you a sort of home away from home with such luxuries as multiple bedrooms, a full kitchen and a couple of bathrooms. You will enjoy your attractions considerably more if you aren’t in a bad mood from your night at the hotel.

– Additional Privacy

Some vacationers don’t mind having a maid service come in every day, rifle through their stuff, make the beds, and do everything else they do. In fact, many people like it; however, some don’t. If you fall into this category, condo rentals may be just what the doctor ordered. In most cases, you’ll be left entirely alone for the duration of your stay. While your bed may not be turned down while you’re off at the beach, you won’t have to think about what you need to lock away for the day, either.

– Cost Savings

When it comes to the base price of condo rentals versus a typical hotel room, the hotel room is (probably) going to win out on the cost. But if you compare square foot to square foot, the condominium is usually going to blow the hotel out of the water. A hotel suite is massively expensive and out of the budget of the average family. Even base price to base price, however, condominiums provide another big way to save: food costs. Eating out for every meal can be fun, but it can also add extensively to your bottom line. If you have a full kitchen in which to cook, you can save a lot of money by the end of a week’s vacation, even if you hit a restaurant a couple of times.