What You Need to Know About Leather Chaps

We often see cowboys wearing leather chaps without ever knowing what they’re for aside from giving the cowboy that “wild wild west” look. Now, we see motorcycle riders donning the same kind and we start to think that there are probably a dozen of things we don’t know about them.

Here are some things we need to know about leather chaps and what it has to do with motorcycle riding:

What are chaps for?

Chaps are the protective apparel for the legs. Because these are made of sturdy leather, chaps protect the legs while driving a motorcycle. They also protect areas of the lower body that are vulnerable to abrasions, scrapes, chafing and scratches. They give ample protection for the shin and ankles, and shields them from all sorts of hurdles. And the thicker the leather, the higher the degree of protection them will impart on the rider.

How to use chaps

Motorcycle riders tie the chaps on trousers by attaching the accessory belts that come with it.

Kinds of chaps

Today, the common types for men are the batwing and the shotgun. The difference between the two is that the batwing chaps are flat at the bottom and includes only two fasteners that will protect the thighs of the rider. Because this kind allows for easy movement, this is the type which is better to use when riding motorcycles or engaging in motorcycle races.

The shotgun chaps on the other hand wrap the legs completely, are narrower and more snug in shape compared to the batwing. This type of chaps is more commonly used during horseback riding and protects the rider’s lower body from heat or cold.

Since not all riders are men, there are also ladies chaps that are now available in stores today. Yes, there is a growing number of female riders who are just as passionate about motorcycle riding. Ladies chaps are also available in various designs, styles and shapes. These leather made ones also give sufficient protection for the legs.

For more practicality, there are also ones that have been designed to fit either sexes like the Harley-Davidson Unisex Premium Classic Chap which a male or female rider can make use of.

Advantages of using a chap

The right kind will assure you of protection thus giving you peace of mind during the ride making it even more enjoyable. Aside from that, it will give you that traditional biker feel that no other motorcycle accessory will make you feel.

Who else uses chaps?

Bikers are not the only ones who use chaps. Hunters also make use of chaps to protect themselves from insect, snake and animal bites and to protect their shins, legs, and ankles. Mountaineers also find them useful in their climbing giving ample support for their lower body. Cowboys wear them so that their legs are properly protected from cattle and horses.

Indeed, there’s more to leather chaps than just being image boosters.