SRC Airsoft Pistols – SRC SR92 Gas Blow Back Airsoft Pistol Review

The SRC SR92 M9 gas blow back airsoft pistol is a very quality firearm. However it is not a well known mainstream gun. The article below will give you a quick review of the SRC SR92 so you can see why it is so much better then most of the gas blow back pistols currently offered on the market.

The Technical Specs

  • 8.75″ Long
  • Weighs 2lbs Unloaded
  • 1:1 Scale Of Real M9
  • Fully Adjustable Hop Up
  • Single and Double Action
  • Fully Anodized Aluminum Upper and Lower Receivers
  • Attachment Point For Metal Lanyard
  • Easy Realistic Field Strip Capabilities
  • Green Gas Powered
  • 30 Day Manufacturer Warranty

Whats Included In The Package

When you receive your gun you will notice it comes in a nice hard plastic foam carrying case. When you open the case you will find the pistol, a 21 round magazine and instruction manual. Thats it and its all you need to get going. The magazine holds 21 rounds and the gas bladder holds enough gas to fire the entire magazine with consistent 325 FPS with a.2 gram BB and lock the receiver back after the last round is fired. A quick charge of the magazine and you can squeeze off the 21 round magazine as fast as you can pull the trigger, there is no full auto mode on this pistol.

Its Deadly Accurate

Where the SR92 is different for the other pistols on the market is the barrel. The stock barrel on this weapon is 6.04 MM in diameter making it a tight bore barrel. This tight bore barrel makes this gun accurate out to 70 feet with very tight groupings. This is a lot farther then most airsoft pistols that have large barrel bores and less medium range accuracy. This medium range accuracy makes the SR92 a very versatile secondary weapon.

How Much Will It Cost

You can find the SR92 online at a few select stores for about $102, this is a very competitive price and less then a lot of the pistols on the market. But what when you really look at the performance you get for that price the SRC SR92 pistol is a great bargain.