The Best Tips for Effectively Dealing With Last Minute Changes to Your Wedding Plan

You must communicate any changes to your wedding DJ Hire in Castle Hill. You can’t avoid last minute changes to your wedding plans. Certain circumstances need you to alter certain things concerning your wedding such as timings, the speech, the music, and so on. But sometimes, these alterations could bring about a major disappointment because there is a huge risk that information concerning the last minute change was delivered late which leaves your suppliers ignorant about the change in your wedding plan. Here are some tips for handling such.

Call to confirm when emailing any changes

If there are changes to certain aspects of your wedding and your main means of communicating with your suppliers – particularly the wedding DJ – is via email, ensure that you still call to get a confirmation even after you have emailed the changes to your wedding plans. This is to make sure that the suppliers have all gotten the email and they have acknowledged your requested alterations. Relaying and confirming such information as soon as you can is highly recommended.

Don’t make such changes more than twice

Prior to informing your wedding DJ as well as your other suppliers that you want something or some certain aspect of your wedding altered (best example being the beginning or finishing time of your reception), please ensure that you have decided not make such changes more than twice. It’s recommended that you must finalize everything before you send the information through to the suppliers, including your professional DJ Hire, so you can prevent any confusion.

Avoid out of office hours and weekends

As much as is possible, you must avoid contacting any among your wedding suppliers during after-office-hours or the weekends. This is because they might be unable to read the email you send, or might even be completely unreachable because they are away from the office. It is most appropriate that you should private message, email, or even call them during working hours whenever that might happen to be.

All your details should locked-in at least two weeks prior to the event

The majority of professional suppliers, especially expert DJ agencies, will always advice intending couples as well as all other clients to send their music request lists no later than a minimum of two weeks before the scheduled wedding date. This is as they always want such couples to have their requested music well prepared and also to assign them with the most appropriate DJ according to the kind of music that their selected list contained. Sending early also helps them to confirm the availability of the expert they intend sending on that day before the day he is meant to perform.

These are the promised tips for handling all of your last minute changes concerning your wedding plans. The right communication between you and your suppliers, including your DJ Hire in Castle Hill, is the main key to a wedding that will certainly turn out quite successful. Always be certain and clear with all of your choices to prevent misunderstanding and to ensure you get a smooth-sailing wedding.