To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter Summary – Chapter 6

Deciding to Peek on Boo Radley: To Kill a Mockingbird Summary – Chapter 6

The children came to conceive the biggest plot for Boo. They decide to go to one of Boo’s windows and look inside, despite Atticus’s instructions not to do so. Scout tries to stop them from doing it. The two boys tease her for being a girl and even threaten her of sending her home. Scout decides to go along with their plans.

The Kids Trespassing and Conflict with Radley: To Kill a Mockingbird Short Summary – Chapter 6

The three go around the house and try to find a loose shutter to peek in. As they enter the premises, Mr. Nathan Radley, Boo’s brother, hears them and thinks they are trespassers. Nathan Radley fires a shotgun towards them. They escape through their schoolyard fence, but Jem snags his pants on the barbed-wire fence and is forced to take them off in order to get free faster. They make it home just before the adults notice their absence. As they were talking about the incident, Scout discovers that Jem does not have his pants on.

Adults Heard the Shot and Gather Together: To Kill a Mockingbird Plot Summary – Chapter 6

Adults in the neighborhood gather outside wondering about the reason for the shot. Atticus notices the missing pants and inquires Jem about it. Dill tells him that he won against him in a game and gets his pants. Atticus believes him but becomes a little bit alarm thinking they played cards. Dill satisfies him by saying they were just playing matches.

Getting back Jem’s Pants: To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter Summary – Chapter 6

Jem decides to get his pants back late that night to avoid Mr. Nathan Radley from finding it first when morning comes. Jem disregards Scout’s plea not to go out that night. Jem returns to the Boo’s place, gets back to the house, and then goes straight to bed, trembling with fear.