Spyder Sonix Paintball Gun Review

The Spider Sonix paintball gun is one step up from Kingman’s most basic paintball gun and is billed as a good all around choice for the beginner player. This gun has a few minor upgrades over the base Spider model that should make it a little more attractive to some users. It’s your call so let’s take a look.

Before we get into the meat of the article let’s hit the bullet points of the pros and cons.

Paintball Gun Design

Kingman’s Spider Sonix 2007 is the newest version of the venerable and very popular Sonix paintball gun. The newest model did not produce any significant changes to the design, it is still a very simple blowback style gun but it does come equipped with a few upgrades over the base Spyder Victor paintball gun.

Some of the features include:

  • An entry level standard ASA
  • Double trigger
  • Sight rail and a vertical feed tube (you have to use a removable vertical feedneck).
  • Gas-through foregrip
  • Front expansion chamber under the barrel.
  • Top cocking Delrin bolt.

It is available in several colors and the overall milling has produced a very attractive looking paintball gun.

Paintball Gun Performance

The Spider Sonix’s overall performance isn’t bad considering the price point. It will fire pretty much as fast as you can pull the trigger however it has a fairly long, stiff trigger pull. This will hinder your rate of fire, significantly so don’t expect the high rates of fire like a high end gun can produce.

Another downfall to the gun is that it is not particularly consistent. Paintball muzzle velocity will vary from shot to shot producing varied results. In spite of the inconsistent velocity it is able to produce a reasonable amount of accuracy as long as you stick to using decent paintballs.

The foregrip and front expansion chamber of the Sonix don’t seem to add much to in terms of performance. I do think that it is a much more comfortable combination to hold on to than the Victor though so well worth it in my opinion.

These upgrades are not significant but in my opinion they are worth the few extra dollars that this gun sells for compared to the Victor.

Paintball Gun Reliability and Maintenance

This is a very simply designed gun which means it is very easy to maintain and as long as you don’t abuse it, the Spider Sonix should work well for years. I would strongly recommend thought hat you clean and oil your gun after each use.

If you develop a leak in your gun then you should be able to just get by replacing your O-rings. One of the benefits of a simple design.

I should also mention that the quick-release bolt makes cleaning the chamber a snap. It is so easy to do that you will have no excuse not to keep it clean.


Bottom line is that the Spider Sonix paintball gun is an excellent beginner gun as is but it can also be heavily upgraded. The design is very common and aftermarket parts are available from a wide variety of vendors so whether you want to get a barrel kit, electronic trigger frame, upgraded bolt or custom grips, the Sonix will be able to handle it.


* Inexpensive Price Point

* Very upgradeable design

* Simple and reliable design

* Quick-release bolt


* Not particularly accurate or consistent

* Has a tendency to chop cheap paint

* Entry level components