Lancaster County Trembles! A New Amish Mafia "Tough Guy" Appears on the Scene!

With the departure of Jolin Zimmerman as the “enforcer” for supposed Amish Mafia kingpin, Lebanon Levi, we are introduced, in the second season’s first episode, to the newest cast member “Caleb.” Caleb is actually Caleb Isaac Meyer and, according to the show, is being tested for the “enforcer” role with a number of minor assignments.

Well, here we go again, folks! We are asked yet again by the producers of Amish Mafia to believe that some twenty-something nobody with a handful of minor infractions to his “credit” is suddenly a tough thug capable of enforcing the will of Lebanon Levi upon the folks of Lancaster County and its Amish community. What a joke! Meyer’s list of minor offenses actually paint him, at most, as having been a careless, irresponsible and fairly faint-hearted teenager, rather than a believable member of an “organized crime family.”

Consider Meyer’s most serious offense. It occurred in 2007 when he was 18 years old. He was involved in traffic accident which caused serious injury to one of the occupants of a horse and buggy while he was driving a dump truck on the Old Philadelphia Pike. The impact was serious enough to kill the horse instantly. Fortunately, the woman who received serious head injuries survived, no thanks to Caleb Meyer.

Meyer was charged with a felony. What was his crime? Why, our potential new Amish Mafia “enforcer” fled the scene of the accident and drove away. Some tough guy! Eventually the cowardly youth called his daddy. The elder Meyers came to the scene to talk to officers and eventually managed to coax his son to return to the scene and face the music. According to police investigators, “the teen was visibly distraught when he returned to the scene.” Yes, there can be no doubt that this is the man to strike terror in the hearts of the people of Lancaster County. Hide under your beds, everyone! Here comes Caleb of the “Amish Mafia”!

Quite ironically, in episode #1 of Amish Mafia’s first season, Boss Levi is depicted sending John Schmucker (another supposed “tough guy,” also notorious for fleeing the scene after causing an auto accident) and Jolin out to deal with an “Englishman” who supposedly was involved in an accident with a buggy. The show depicts Jolin administering “justice” for this heinous crime by shooting a shotgun round through the windshield of the man’s vehicle. Apparently being involved in an accident with buggy only matters if you aren’t seeking a role on the show!