How to Host a Successful VIP Shopping Event at Your Retail Store

Whether your retail business is large or small, in a shopping mall or on the high street, selling fashion or food, a VIP event can drive excellent business.

A VIP event can also be a good way to say thank you to customers, support suppliers, raise funds for the community or just have a good time.

A good VIP event takes planning and precision execution for it to be successful for the business and for the customers. Here steps which will guide you to a successful VIP event.

Understand why. Your VIP event must have a reason why. This could be to raise funds for a local charity, to thank shoppers, to launch a new line or to give special customers first look at a sale. Once you know why you are hosting the VIP event many other plans will fall into place.

Dress code. Decide on a dress code for the occasion. If the event is for VIPs and is special for its goals then consider having a dress code which matches this.

Stock up. Make sure that you have all the stock necessary to ensure that the event is successful.

Be legal. If you are serving alcohol and or food, ensure that you will not breach any ordinances. A good VIP even uses alcohol and food well to create a very special atmosphere in the shop.

Promote widely. Give yourself plenty of time to promote the event to gain maximum attendance. Use your customer database, consider a window display to promote the event. Also offer a story to the local newspaper to gain promotional coverage for the event.

Dress the store. Make the store look special so that it truly does feel like a VIP event. Consider hiring some red carpet and security to make the entrance look that extra special.

Play music. Use music to also enhance the atmosphere of the store. It is vitally important that regulars have a very different shopping experience.

Have a moment at the event. Gather everyone together for a brief speech about the event and its purpose. If it is to raise funds for a charity, invite the head of the charity to speak. If it is to launch a new supplier, have the supplier speak. If it is to let your VIP customers in on a sale, then promote the items and have a couple of super hot deals to announce.

A VIP event done well can refresh how local shoppers view a business. It can also refresh the business in the eyes of the employees, suppliers and the owner.

The key is to go all out, it is a VIP event after all and this means it is for the best of the best. The more energy you invest the more likely it will reach the goals you have set.