Methods on Testing the Voltage and Effectiveness of Your Stun Gun

The stun gun is a device designed for personal protection. Its size is small, but its power is great. Because of its size, you can place it inside your bag or pocket. Because of its great power, you can take down anyone who tries to attack you. Its volts of electricity will cause temporary incapacitation. This is what most adults have today to ensure their safety.

However, you might be hesitant to use one especially if you are unsure of its voltage capacity and effectiveness. If this is your first time to use the safety device and you want to test its voltage and effectiveness, you must learn about the following methods. These are simple ways on how to safely test the device. You will be able to see whether it emits the exact voltage of electricity and also conclude that it will be effective in taking down the attacker.

Before you decide to purchase the device, you can gauge its effectiveness by asking the sales representative to test it for you. You can look at how it is done. Make sure that as they measure the voltage, it matches with what they placed on the label of the device. You can also learn from them on how it is used so that you will know whether it is the most effective weapon that you can get for your safety.

You can also test the stun gun voltage and effectiveness by yourself. However, you must remember to exercise caution. You would not want to get hit by one because you will surely experience mild shock. You must not come in contact with the probes. It is safe for you to touch the following parts. The first one is the switch that allows you to turn on the device. The second one is the safety zone plate that is about one and a half inches.

If you have a voltmeter, you can use it to do the measurement. You must still exercise caution since you will be handling electricity. You just need to attach the measuring equipment to the leads of the device so that you will be able to find out about the volts of electricity that the device emits. It can reach to about a million. With such powerful device, you can protect yourself from harm.

You can also try to test fire the device by preparing a sheet of metal. First, you must press the switch on. If you will see an arc formed in between the two electrodes, this means that the device is functional. Instantly discharge it by pressing it on the sheet of metal. You will know that your device is now safe to use when a spark is emitted.

These are the methods that you can do to test the effectiveness of the stun gun and its voltage as well. They are very easy to perform. However, you must take extra caution when doing such because you would not want to become a victim of your own carelessness.