Why You Need Ambi-Bolt Release

This is a device that is totally indispensable that can be used to release and hold the bolt open with only one hand to streamline your firearm reloading and clearing if it malfunctions. Because of the fact that it is ambidextrous, the bolt release is able to eliminate the hand changeovers which in turn improve your rifle control when you are using it. It is made from military grade steel that is coated for durability.

What it does

The bolt release allows the operator to have total control of the firing grip all through. This means that the trigger finger is able to move from the mag to bolt release very smoothly without necessarily having to move such a weapon from your shoulder. This can be a lifesaving mechanism, especially in life-threatening situations where other people are relying on you.


When you have to perform a reload in emergencies, a shooter usually uses the left-hand to load a magazine, press the release, and back to the shooting position. When you use the new technology, it is easy to move from the insertion of the magazine and directly to the shooting position. The trigger finger will release the bold and the left-hand gets back to shooting.

Clearing double feeds

Clearing the double jams in weapons is very impressive. A rifle can malfunction because of the double feeds. After a malfunction because of double feeds, you need to move your left-hand to access the bold and stop any release. You need your right hand to activate your charging handle. This action is not quick or smooth. When you use PDQ, you can clear the double jams without having to take your hand from the grip. This action is familiar and fast. Whether you are fighting or competing, having it adds reliability and speed.

One thing that some people may find trouble with is the fact that you to cut to your lower. If you are not comfortable with this, you should visit a gunsmith that can help you with the situation.

Other things worth noting

It is important to appreciate that this technology makes a very big difference in any system and it can be hard to find presently. Some companies have stocked it previously, but are unable to do so today. It is also hard to buy a used one as well and as such, one may have to go direct to the manufacturers.


For purposes of installation, you will need some gunsmithing. You should get a gunsmith or a machinist to handle this even though it is something that can be done using a drill and a file if you have trust in your own capability. You may also need a finishing agent to cover it, as it can be rather shiny.

You should be very careful when you are filing. You should not file too much and you need to get that perfect fit so that the functionality will be at its best. You need to test your firearm after an installation to ensure that it is working well.