Why The Barnett Commando Crossbow Is Still Popular

Many people who are drawn to the ancient sport of archery are intrigued by the added challenge of using a bow and arrow set up to shoot at a target. There was a time long ago when crossbows were exclusively used for most hunting and shooting competitions. Now days, the stoic bow is more of a novelty that is seen as an alternative to using a rifle. Regardless, in recent years, the crossbow has made a comeback in popularity. The Barnett Company has been way ahead of this trend, because they’ve been making crossbows for hunters for more than 50 years. If you are at all familiar with their product line, you’ll see talk of one of their best models that has been around for many years – the Barnett Commando crossbow.

For many sportsmen, the Barnett Commando crossbow was the very first professional style bow they owned. It was a predecessor to some of the current popular Barnett bows that are widely used today. There are two versions that you’ll commonly find online. The original version is the Commando I, which is much harder to find these days. Barnett no longer manufacturers these and so you’ll only find this one in a used condition from a secondhand seller. The Commando II is the updated version of this model. There are many more of these to be found since these were made to last longer. Again, this is a discontinued model, but you will find plenty of owners who enjoy using theirs for target shooting or regular hunting.

One of the features that owners really like about this model is that it has a self-cocking mechanism that makes it easier to prepare for the shot. Many agree that it is very accurate when pointed at any target. Accuracy, of course, is something that most crossbow aficionados are very concerned about. There’s no purpose in owning a sophisticated weapon like the Barnett Commando crossbow if you’re not going to work on accuracy. This bow certainly makes it easier to hit your target.

For an older shooting machine, the Barnett Commando crossbow has a nice, sleek look to it that many of today’s hunters and shooters admire. This is one that certainly stands the test of time. That’s why many are still searching online for a used commando 2 crossbows to add to their collection of sports weapons. This would be a good model for any beginner crossbow user to learn how to shoot in the archery style. Most of these that you find in mint condition are reasonably priced.

While most kits still come with the original aluminum bolts, you will still need to search online for the right kind of bolts to use for this model if you wish to continue using it regularly. As one of the original popular models, the Commando is still formidable and has lots of speed and accuracy.