Active Camo Tips For Halo Reach

Okay boys and girls today were going to talk about active camo. Active camo is in my opinion a very under used ability. The reason is in halo one of the most important things in any battle especially a dmr fight is to get the 1st shot on the enemy.

Halo Reach Tips

Tip 1- Use active camo at a distance, hold a choke point in the map wait for an enemy to get in range and light him up from out of nowhere. You will probably get the first two shots on most players meaning you only need 3 for the kill the enemy needs five.

Tip 2- At the game start let your team know you are using active camo and that you would like the sniper rifle. Grab snipe head to a good position and go cloaked. This is where camo is completely a beast. Getting shot by a invisible sniper really makes me want to break my controller.

Tip 3- Whats the best counter to snipers across the map? Well be invisible of course! Use camo to get out of spawn traps from snipers or sneak across the map.

Tip 4-The radar jammer is kind of annoying. You can use it for example when above an enemy to drop down on him and he will not know from whence you came. Good players will notice their radar going crazy and know you are there. The camo is still very hard to see so long as you do not move fast. I like to use it at a lift or around a corner when my team is rushing in from another flank so the enemy has no radar.

Tip 5- Use toggle crouch with camo. This makes it not so annoying to move around croched everywhere. When you are way harder to see. You can also move VERY slowly while standing but toggle crouch makes it easy. Sorry no Halo Reach Cheats today but I hope you enjoyed this.