A Brief History on the Checkered Pattern

It is hard to believe that anyone could possibly be unfamiliar with the checkered pattern. It is commonly known as the checks for example, the black and white graphic that resembles a checkerboard. There are many items around us that we find like this. For instance a pianoforte, adjacent to a piano bench or piano benches along with a music sheet cabinet displays this pattern in its keys.

Whether they are the articles of clothing such as; footwear, handbags or other smaller accessories such as wrist bands wallets etc., a checkered pattern is not hard to find. It has dominated the fashion scene since the last three decades. Moreover, it has also been popularly adopted by different kinds of music. Besides, you will find an everlasting presence of this pattern in different forms of art, literature and other items found in popular cultures.

This pattern left a deep impression in the late 1970’s when a music genre arose from England. This form of music was basically a blend of punk, ska and pop music. The blend was famously known as ‘2 Tone’. This was the term that was coined by a musician by the name of Jerry Dammers. It was Dammers who established the checkered pattern image as a representation for the 2 tone movement. This was known as the Walt Jabsco logo.

Apart from this, the black and white checkered pattern perfectly symbolized racial unity and equality. With the advent of 1980’s, a new fashion overtook the decade, in which checks were fit in with bold graphics and bright colors. This time it spread wide across to decorate everything from skateboards to socks and suspenders.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, the checkered pattern was replaced by the bold graphic prints. However, it was just a matter of time when popular bands such as “No Doubt” brought music back into the new millennium. So the checks became a talk of the town once again.

This is not all, as the musicians of the new millennium, such as Avril Lavigne, are responsible for bringing the checkered fashion back into the mainstream. Their fashion line boasts a checkered print through shorts, hoodies, ties and shirts. Moreover, a retail franchise, Hot Topic, sells several checkered items including earrings, sunglasses, etc.

Talking about the art world, you will find that checkered images are associated with the works of graphic artist MC Escher. He was the one who illustrated checkered pieces in his work. One of his famous work of art is Day and Night. Furthermore, even literature is not spared from this checkered design. It has symbolized Lewis Carrol’s most popular book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, in which chess pieces have played a central role in the story.

You can also find this pattern in popular cultures. For instance, New York City cabs have the checkered patterns and not to forget the race car flags are also checkered. This pattern still remains to be an important trend of our lives which seems hard to forgo.