How About a Ratchet Spinner for Your Racquetball Racket – A New Concept

Have you ever noticed that when you are playing racquetball that you have all sorts of nervous energy? That is to say as the other person is running for the ball, or serving, your body starts shaking in anticipation of your next move. What if you could take that nervous energy and do something with it? What do I have in mind you ask? Well, I have an idea for a new piece of equipment for the game of racquetball. Something I think would make it more exciting, fun to play, and keep your mind, body, and soul 110% in the game at all times.

What if your racquetball handle had a ratchet on it? What if you could spin it with your wrist, allowing it to wind up, before you hit the next shot? This might be something like pumping a shotgun before you get your next target, or how the old gunslingers used to spin their old Colt 45s on their fingers. Have you ever put a socket on to a bolt, and spun the ratchet? It would be similar to this, and then when you are ready to hit the shot you would stop moving your wrist, and it would pop and lock into place.

However during the time you were spinning the ratchet, you would be winding up the energy in the racquetball racket, and then as you move it forward to hit the ball it would act more like a giant rubber band. This would allow you to hit the ball harder and faster based on how many times you spun the ratchet around on that handle prior to hitting the ball. This would mean whoever was serving would want to serve the ball very quickly not to allow you very much time to rev- up the ratchet on your racket.

It would make the game more dynamic, as well as provide for a faster pace of play. Am I trying to reinvent the wheel or the racket rather in this case? Yes, I guess, but then again; no, not really. However, last time I went to a local gym they had a set of racquetball courts, and I noticed no one was playing for over two hours while I was there. Why I asked myself? It is because racquetball has lost its nuance, and it has lost its flair, and fewer people are playing the sport these days. Maybe this could kick it back into high gear with this small innovative change in equipment. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.