Is Farfetch Fake? Learn the Truth

Farfetch is a legitimate marketplace that sells fashion products from various independent boutiques in Europe and Northern America. It is a favorite marketplace for people who love to shop for hard-to-find fashion products. There are often conflicting opinions about the website, but most of the time, customers find it a great place to shop.

Fake Or Not?

Definitely not fake. The company is partners with many trusted and reliable fashion boutiques that manufacture excellent and exquisite fashion products and accessories. They offer various products for men, women and kids. You can find more information about the boutiques at their websites.

The great thing about the site is they offer 50% discount on selected fashion items. They provide great images of the products for sale so you can make a good decision upon purchase. In addition, the customer can make use of a Farfetch coupon to get even better prices on the products.

Some customer reviews online provide negative comments about the website though. The most common issue is that the site does not provide a contact number. However, they do provide contact emails for inquiries and other communications. The fact that they do not have a contact number causes some customers to brand them as fake. Nonetheless, they do provide email addresses for communication and they reply to inquiries and other matters promptly.

Why No Contact Number?

As one of their representatives put wrote, the company does not provide contact numbers of the boutiques for the reason that it can be problematic and may even cause delays. The representative further stressed that the boutiques are operating real shops and are usually very busy. Hence, it is the responsibility of Farfetch to answer any queries or issues from customers, but only through email.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback about the website is mostly positive. However, there are some who have voiced concerns regarding the late delivery and nondelivery of their orders. This is usually beyond the control of the site, and is the responsibility of the logistics service, usually DHL or UPS. First of all, it is important to check your shipment details for errors. Mistakes in the shipment address can cause delays and even nondelivery of your order.

Another issue voiced by a customer involved the payment of additional charges. This does happen as a result of import duties implemented by your country’s custom laws. Since the prices shown on the Farfetch website do not include import duties and taxes, you may be asked to pay for additional charges on orders.

Final Word

Farfetch is definitely a legitimate site. They have exciting offers on fashion products from Europe and North America. You can even get better deals using a Farfetch coupon.