RAP4 T68 Review

The RAP4 T68 is a great paintball gun for experienced players. The gun is authentic looking, sleek in design and most of all a powerful toy that suits a lot of players. The gun ia constructed of all-metal, with the bolt being made out of Delrin which prevents metal-to-metal wear and tear. The RAP4 T68 is the 7th generation from Real Action Paintball with many improvements from the earlier models. The new model has a revolutionary SplitFire which is a dual-feed mechanism. It also has improved compressed air components. Features of the paintball gun include:

Upgraded magazine fed which is optional

Internal Flexi-Air system

200 round hopper adaptor

Upgraded semi-automatic for auto / burst / semi, which is optional

.68 caliber system-uses all standard paintballs

5 year warranty

The paintball gun is a reproduction of the M4 carbine and gives the player the ability to conquer and destroy the opponent. The gun is ideal for spaces that are confined or the open terrain. The T68 has exciting features with accessories which give the player the success of headshots and provides unimaginable cover fire. The stock is multi-positioned and collapses for accuracy which is needed when inside of buildings allowing the player to expand or shorten when needed. The T68 also features carry handle, which is detachable, that allows the user to use the metallic sight or to remove the unit and make your choice of optical sights. This gives the advantage of speed and precision.

The charging handle on the unit is authentic and just that of a assault rifle. The units redesigned bolt and hammer and other features that improve the accuracy, range and overall power. The T68 shoots standard.68 caliber paintballs.

The T68 is not just for players. In fact, law enforcement and military groups use the paintball gun for tactical training dues to its ergonomics of the M4 rifle, its length, its weight and its reliability. It is the real feel of the real thing.

Users have the option of using compressed air from a tank or CO2 with the revolutionary internal Flexi-Air System.

There are many accessories that can be purchased for the T68 such as a transport bag which is perfect to transport and protect the gear. The bag is made of tough nylon with plenty of padding to ensure protection. RAPA4 also offers force training for the T68 which instructs players for force-on-force training. The tactical barrel of the gun is 14 inches with the tip of the gun having some porting and a flash suppressor. Magazine feed system is also available for the gun. Standard paintballs can be run with the hopper attachments which are additional accessories that can be purchased. Strickeforce vests are also available.

In the world of paintball gunners, the T68 is certainly an authentic piece of equipment that is a beauty. It is light, realistic and accurate and undeniably one that players will like to be seen with as it does destroy the opponents both in confined spaces and in the open terrain. The gun is for advanced players and undoubtedly one that is a welcome.